Wireless Internet of things water meter

Remote water meter without magnetic  sensing (DN15-40)

Remote water meter without magnetic sensing (DN15-40)

he rotor liquid seal wet water meter is adopted as the base meter, which has no electronic components inside and is not affected by water, moisture and other environment; the remote data is accurate to the ascending position, which can capture and analyze the real-time water data. Through the wireless communication technology such as NB-IOT / LoRrawan, the remote data can be read and collected, which can be used for big data analysis such as pipe network leakage and water characteristics of household meters.


Product application 

It is suitable for old residential area reconstruction or complex installation environment such as well surface.   

Product features

·Adopting coil sampling technology, the non-magnetic sensor signal can be quantized to ensure the absolute accuracy of electromechanical transmission;
·Special glass design to ensure positioning and reliable measurement;
·Unique non blocking design, the whole meter will not be affected by the steel sheet blocking, and the automatic calibration table will be checked regularly; 
·The remote data is accurate to L, which can capture and analyze the real-time water use data;
·It has alarm functions such as anti demolition, impurity interference, insufficient power, abnormal water use, etc;
·The whole electronic unit can be replaced independently and the service life of the battery is more than 8 years;
·Sealing treatment of automatic glue filling equipment, protection grade IP68;
·It can choose telecom / mobile / Unicom NB IOT network, with wide signal coverage, high penetration, safe and reliable communication.

Product parameters
model Range ratio Overload flow Common flow Boundary flow Minimum flow Initiating velocity Maximum reading Communication mode
Q3/Q1 Q4m³/h Q3m³/h Q2L/h Q1L/h QS NB-IoT
LXSGY-15G R100 3.125 2.5 40 25 5 99999.999
LXSGY-20G R100 5 4 64 40 5 99999.999
LXSGY-25G R100 7.875 6.3 100.8 63 6 99999.999
LXSGY-40G R100 12.5 10 160 100 8 99999.999
Temperature class T30
Pressure rating MAP10
Sensitivity level U10P5
Degree of protection IP68
Installation method level
Power supply mode 3.6V lithium battery
Nozzle type thread
Environmental class Class o E1
communication interface (optional) infrared、NB-IoT
Communication standard CJ/T188、NB-IoT
Communication distance NB-IoT:SIM Location of card signal coverage
Communication frequency band 850MHz,900MHz,Or other NB IOT band
Reporting cycle 1 time / hour; 1 time / day; 1 time / month (customizable)

Shape and structure

Boundary dimension

caliber L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) Link thread
DN15 165 90 140 G3/4B  
DN20 195 90 140 G1B
DN25 225 100 150 G11/4B
DN40 245 110 190 G2B


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